Comprehensive Care with PHS

Caring for all the details.

PHS Patient, Leo

Case Management

Coordinating equipment and services, while ensuring clear communication between the family and medical team.


Hear the impact the PHS difference has on one patient family after switching respiratory providers.

High Level Care

Comprehensive healthcare.
Carried out at home.

Respiratory Therapy & Equipment

High-tech respiratory care provided by neonatal pediatric specialists. 3,500+ equipment and supply products all inspected and ready to go, including ventilators, CPAP, Bi-level, heated humidity, suction, airway clearance, oxygen, and more.

Enteral Nutrition

An inventory of almost 200 standard, semi-elemental and elemental products. PHS clinicians ensure the patient’s food pump is properly set up in the home, and programmed according to orders.

Clinical Online Education

An engaging and interactive online education program that takes our high-level training into your home or workplace. With courses geared toward caring for children with medical complexities, participants can access education from anywhere.

Unparalleled Case Management

Families lives made easier. Patients lives made better.


Patient-focused care that helps everyone breathe easier

When patients are sent home to receive care from us, everyone can rest easy knowing it is coming from a primary respiratory therapist dedicated to meeting the child’s evolving needs.

  • Assessments focused on the patient
  • Equipment set ups and regular follow up visits
  • Individualized service plans

And because healthcare doesn’t just happen from 9-5, PHS respiratory therapists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hear It From a Family

“Working with PHS has been so refreshing.”

“I was so used to having to micromanage and take care of everything before, and now with PHS, I know it is all being handled. For the first time, if Joey has a medical need, PHS makes it happen.”

– Melissa, patient mom


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Managing the transfer of care to make your life easier.

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Comprehensive Care with PHS
High Level Care
Unparalleled Case Management
Hear It From a Family
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